Rocky has transformed to an Angel

May was a sad month for me.  Rocky my beloved companion of 13 years passed over on May 2nd.  The night before he had finally lost complete use of his back legs and was in pain. So grateful to have found Peacefully Passages, Robin Elms, DVM, who came over the next morning and put him to rest, at home . . . → Read More: Rocky has transformed to an Angel

Gregg Braden – Great Video

This is a great video from Gregg Braden about belief and heart energy. How the matrix works

Gregg Braden – . . . → Read More: Gregg Braden – Great Video

Solar Panels – Build Your Own

This is a great site to learn how to easily build your own solar panels!  For under $20o. for 150watts. Pretty Cool.

Check out this . . . → Read More: Solar Panels – Build Your Own

Muscle Testing for Everyone

I work for a medicinal herb farm and when I have a customer who does not know if they should stop or start taking something, I have them muscle test it. Let their own body make the decision. You can muscle test yourself for all kinds of things including asking your body if it still has . . . → Read More: Muscle Testing for Everyone

Go Green Shaver – Wind up

For a great shave and going green, the wind up shaver I recently bought from Lehman’s is working great.  Considering I have a very thick facial hair it is working great. You can wind it up, plug it in or even charge it from your USB port on your computer/laptop.  This come in handy when your . . . → Read More: Go Green Shaver – Wind up

Stevia for plaque on Pets teeth and yours!


Stevia is amazing for getting rid of plaque on teeth. It has many health benefits besides be used as a sweetener. Use the green leaf that has been powdered. I grow it in my garden, dry the leaves and then grind them as I need them. It works great as a sweetener, best when combined . . . → Read More: Stevia for plaque on Pets teeth and yours!

Essiac Tea for Cancer – The best book to buy

Essaic A Native Herbal Cancer Remedy, by Cynthia Olsen - is a fabulous book on essiac herbal tea, it’s history, it’s usage and how to make it.   Rene Caisse, the Canadian nurse who made the discovery of the recipe had a 80% success rate with her cancer patients. This is really amazing considering that the majority of her patients . . . → Read More: Essiac Tea for Cancer – The best book to buy

Stinky Dog Breath

Bad breath and teeth with plaque used is a  problem with my dog. He is so well behaved I could acutally get him to let me scrap a few of his teeth at a time with a plaque removing tool.  Then I found out about giving him raw beef bones. He loves them and they are . . . → Read More: Stinky Dog Breath

Skin problems helped with calendula oil

Skin problems solved using calendula oil, safe for dogs and cats to eat . . . → Read More: Skin problems helped with calendula oil

Finding Your Passion ebook



This is a nice ebook on helping you find out what your passions are. If  you are doing what you are passionate about in your life, then life is much happier.  We should all be living what our . . . → Read More: Finding Your Passion ebook

Wonderful Meditation Audio


I have been using this meditation audio for years.  Relax, breathe and enjoy 20 mins. of rejuvenation.

. . . → Read More: Wonderful Meditation Audio

Natural Flea Shampoo for Dogs and Cats

There is a wonderful product made by Avena Botanicals called Flea-B-Gone that is a shampoo that will kill the fleas. You leave it sit on your dog or cat for aprox. 5 mins after you have lathered them all up. Then rinse them off really well. You should see the fleas going down the drain. It . . . → Read More: Natural Flea Shampoo for Dogs and Cats