Stinky Dog Breath

Bad breath and teeth with plaque used is a  problem with my dog. He is so well behaved I could acutally get him to let me scrap a few of his teeth at a time with a plaque removing tool.  Then I found out about giving him raw beef bones. He loves them and they are much cheaper than a vet visit. I give him 2-3 a month. I get them in the meat dept. at our local grocery store.  His teeth are so much better and it a lot less stress for him than if I try and scrape his teeth.  I also give me a little fennel seed ground up in his food a few times a week to help with his bad breath. I also make him some dog cookies with a little peppermint essential oil in them on occassion, and that helps.  We have chickens and he eats some of the chicken poop that is around and this does not help his breath!

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