Muscle Testing for Everyone

I work for a medicinal herb farm and when I have a customer who does not know if they should stop or start taking something, I have them muscle test it. Let their own body make the decision. You can muscle test yourself for all kinds of things including asking your body if it still has a certain problem and if you should or should not be taking a perticular medication for it.

There is a great little video from Christie Sheldon who teaches your how to do it, find it here -

She teaches on using your body as the pendulem. You need to find what your body does for yes and for no. Most people move forward for yes and backward for no. But I have seen people do the opposite and sway sideways. You start by asking yourself questions you know are a yes and no answer. If you hold the item you are questioning in your hand against your Thymus (between your breasts and slightly above, #2 in diagram below) and ask if taking this ______ is for your bodys highest and greatest good. I usually plant my feet shoulder width apart and have my knees slightly bent before asking. Be aware of the way you ask the question. Try asking about white sugar, it is usually a resounding NO.

You can help make it more accurate if you use a LaPore technique before muscle testing. And that is – to thump your K27 spots a few time – located just below and to the outside of the end of the collar bones (on either side of where a man’s knot for a tie would be, #1 in the diagram below).  Also rub below your ears on the back of the neck. Drop your jaw so that the tip of your tonque does not touch the roof of your mouth. This just helps to reset everyting before you ask.

I find for myself that when I have a body issue it is best to ask my body what to do, it knows best what is going on and what it needs. Getting the question worded correctly so that you are getting accurate answers to what you really need to know. And asking additional questions.

For example – I muscle tested positive for hormonal supplements, at my chiropractor, but then had a lot of problems when I took them. I re-muscle tested and asked about how my pancreas would do with them. It was a NO (I have chronic pancreatitis). I still muscle tested positive for needing them for hormonal support. I deceide not to take them, better to be hot flashing than in pain.

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  • Michael S.

    This is a great method! Once you get the hang of it you will wonder how you did without it. You can use it discretly in the store to ask if you should buy something. Really good when trying to figure out if that fish, fruit or meat is fresh or good to eat. My partner and I will both do it regarding a purchase and then compare our responses, 9 times out 10 we match up. It really gives me quick and reliable access to my intuition. Thanks for this great post!!

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