Essiac Tea for Cancer – The best book to buy

Essaic A Native Herbal Cancer Remedy, by Cynthia Olsen - is a fabulous book on essiac herbal tea, it’s history, it’s usage and how to make it.   Rene Caisse, the Canadian nurse who made the discovery of the recipe had a 80% success rate with her cancer patients. This is really amazing considering that the majority of her patients where ones the American Med. Assoc. had given up on!  I think using dried herbs and making the tea in large batches as she recommends to be the best way.  

 I get my herbs from Mountain Rose Herbs and Frontier. You can usually get your local COOP to order the herb in bulk from Frontier.

I normally make 1/2 of the amount she recommends in the book. For me the full amount is too much for one person to consume before it starts to get old.

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