Better Diet for your Dog – Fruit, Vegies, Grains and Raw Beef

My Rocky Dog

Rocky Dog

I have a 11 year old border collie/aussie sheppard mix and since he has been getting raw beef, veggies, fruit, eggs, rice and seaweed his health has been so much better.  He was almost on death’s door last summer until I started reading about feeding them raw beef and vegies. Basically my dog gets all the veggies and stuff I eat along with some raw beef mixed in his evening meal. We have breakfast together and he gets apple, shredded carrots and sometimes oatmeal if I am making it for me.  Also I give him boiled eggs and or raw eggs almost every morning and a little oil, such as olive oil or safflower.  We are grateful to have a flock of free range chickens that provide us fresh wonderful eggs. 

I remember when I was a kid on my grandparents farm the dogs always got the left overs or extra from our table and they all were very healthy and strong. After doing some research I am convinced that the bagged dog food no matter how great it is supposed to be can not replace the real thing. I try and get the beef for my dog from a local farm who has grass fed beef.  I would prefer to buy organic but I can not afford it.  I myself do not eat any mammals, sometimes I eat some fish or poultry. I do buy as much organic veggies and fruit as I can and also grow my own organic veggies.  My dog eats the veggies from my garden with me. He loves pieces of apple and also the dried papaya I snack on. 

A great book for natural pet care and health is The Complete Herbal Handbook for the Dog and Cat by Juliette de Bairacli Levy.

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