Affirmations and changing your thought pattern

I am a big fan of Louise L. Hay teachings. When I find myself having negative thoughts about myself or something I always go back to the affirmations that I learned through the teachings of Louise L. Hay. Such as – I am perfect just the way I am, I can heal myself on many levels, I love being me and my favorite when I am feeling physical poor – My body now restores it’s self to it’s natural state of GREAT health!.  Looking in a mirror at myself in the morning and telling myself - I love you Leslie, you  are perfect just the way you are!  always helps me start the day in a good way.

Isha Judd also has great affirmations in her movie – Why Walk When You Can Fly.  When things get rough, I try and say her affirmations and be grateful for all the small wonderful things that happen everyday for me.  Her affiramtions are – I praise love for this moment, in it’s perfection, I thank love for my human experience, Love creates me in my perfection, Om Unity.

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