May all beings energetically vibrate at love or higher, across this magnificent planet.

Monsanto protest w_lizLeslie and Liz at protest walk against Monsanto and GMO foods

Spiritual being in a physical realm, learning to love unconditionally all beings, the difficult path has been unconditional love for oneself.

Using the teachings of Louise Hay, Wayne Dyer, Depaak Chopra and many more with the same message, that loving oneself and changing our thoughts and actions has the most profound effect on our health and well being.

Learning to love myself  and cultivating connection with your inner spirit are keys to reaching the potential of creative powers for personal growth and self-healing.

I am a sculptor who is passionate about loving Gaia, our Mother Earth.

I enjoy using recycled materials in earthen clay to create humorous art that brings laughter and joy to the observer.

Hugging, personal mantra’s, dancing, singing, meditation, meridian tapping, spectracolor therapy, shaking medicine and using the techniques of Louise Hay, Isha Judd, and others, I hope to better myself and reconnect to inner spirit and learn to love all beings unconditional.

Take a walking meditation thru the forest, share a energy connection with a loving oak tree, or meet a forest spirit, all helps in finding the way back to one’s own spirit.

If you ever find yourself in Northern Utah, send an email and come by and visit .

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